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October 2020

It's a big day for me!

Today Safe Place Beds EU has opened for business.

Many of you will know that we got a Safe Place Bed to keep CJ safe when we go away, and that the bed has changed our lives.

Over lockdown I asked the American owners of Safe Place Beds if I could become the UK/EU distributor and they agreed!

The website went live at 9am this morning and I'm really excited.

There's also a facebook page:

Nothing happens in isolation, so there a number of people I want to thank: John and Amara Smith from Safe Place Bedding; Leanne Davis for making me think differently about work; Paul William Edwards for advice; Jason Rodwell for the logo; Simon Gledhill for keeping me straight with the words; to all the cheerleaders that have lined the route, but specifically Lucy Irwin, Liz Buchanan, Nicola Goss. And to the biggest and best cheerleader of them all: Neil Todd


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