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My Story

When CJ outgrew a travel cot I wondered if we would ever go away again. He has additional needs (epilepsy, autism, non-verbal, non-mobile, visually impaired...) and sleeping in a normal bed just isn’t an option for him.

We searched online for solutions and what we found was bulky, heavy, complicated and expensive. Then we found the American website for Safe Place Beds. Finally...somewhere safe for our son to sleep, and if he’s sleeping, we’re all sleeping!

Safe Place Beds are lightweight, compact, and set up in under 15 minutes. They were designed in America by John and Amara Smith, and I’m proud to say that I've been the distributor in the UK and Europe since Autumn 2020 (and yes - I did start a business selling travel beds in the middle of a pandemic!!)

What's important to Safe Place Beds EU?

Getting the right bed for the child - you'd be surprised how often I say "no" and direct a potential customer to a different bed provider.

Great customer service - Caring for a child with additional needs can be HARD. I try to remove a little stress by providing the best customer service I can.

Reducing impact on the environment - Safe Place Beds are packaged in fully recyclable packaging and shipped carbon neutral.

Image by George Pagan III
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