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Help me choose a pattern for the new Safe Place Bed base protectors

I'm getting base protectors manufactured for the base of the Safe Place Bed.

They will be:

1. The exact size of the base of the Safe Place Bed

2. Made of multiple layers of absorbent material, with a waterproof backing.

3. Made by an Oeko-tex 100 certified factory using certified materials*

4. Machine washable for hundreds of cycles. You can also line dry / tumble dry them

But! I'm thinking that a plain white colour is pretty boring, and also that white shows Every. Single. Mark.

So: I've got some ideas for patterns below. Please choose your favourite by clicking on it, and I'll go with the majority. There's also an option to tell me that my idea is terrible and you'd prefer white.

Pick your favourite pattern please!

  • 0%Rainbows

  • 0%Dinosaurs

  • 0%Unicorns

  • 0%Whales

*For the techies: This means that every material used in the protector will have been tested for harmful substances and the resulting product is as safe as possible for our kids. If you want to find out more about Oeko-tex 100 click here


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