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Cast your vote for the new PINK colour of Safe Place Bed!

Evening all,

Safe Place Beds are currently available in Aqua, Blue, Deep Blue and Grey. So it's a little heavy on the blues.

I'm going add a pink bed, which will arrive in autumn 2023. Trouble is, there are A LOT of pinks to choose from!

Please vote for your favourite pink below. You don't have to own a Safe Place Bed, be planning on buying a new Safe Place Bed, or have a daughter - plenty of guys like pink too! And I won't be collecting data on who voted for what. I'm after a group opinion from the people that matter most.

What pink do you prefer for a Safe Place Bed?

  • 0%Pink Peacock

  • 0%Pink Carnation

  • 0%Pink Lemonade

  • 0%Pink Lady

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