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Safe Place Blog #2. First testimonial, Bed stability, Christmas and Laybuy

Well hello!

One month in business! And considering that I am selling travel beds during a global pandemic things have gone better than I ever imagined.

The highlights for me have been getting positive feedback about the beds, and talking to and messaging parents who also have children with additional needs. I picked up my phone a few weeks ago and got this message:

The question I am asked most is about stability. We spent a wet Sunday afternoon taking a time lapse video to show how a Safe Place Bed stands up to a very active little boy...

Christmas orders

I have no idea what the world will look like in December, or what we will and won't be doing. However, if you are able to go away, and are planning to buy a Safe Place Bed for the trip, please place your the order about two weeks before you travel. This will give me time to get the Safe Place Bed to you and crucially, allow you and your child to get used it at home before you go away.


I've added Laybuy as a payment method to my website. This allows you to pay interest free over six weekly instalments and will help you spread the load a little.

Big hugs,


Safe Place Beds. Rest Assured.


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