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Blog #3. Need to know: Packaging, Pumps and Pricing

What's changed since the last blog? In a nutshell the packaging is more environmentally friendly, bags, pumps and spares are now available, pink beds are back in stock, grey / blue beds are on order for May and increased shipping costs means the price of Safe Place Beds is increasing by £20.

Want details? Read on...


Better Packaging:

The first few beds I sent out were swathed in bubble wrap and plastic filler. When I stood back and looked at my packaging, I realised it wasn't the easiest to recycle, and I could be doing better.

So...I've replaced parcel tape with adhesive paper tape, plastic wrap with Kraft paper, bubble wrap with cardboard filler, and I've even managed to find biodegradable ribbon (cellulose acetate for the techies). Everything arrived today and the next Safe Place Bed will go out wrapped in better packaging. The geeky planet lover in me is quite excited about this!


Bags, pumps and spares

Safe Place Bed travel bags and pumps have arrived. Everything has been road tested by me (there's currently five different brands of electric pump in my house) and I'm happy with it all. Everything is available on the website.

My big surprise was the manual pump, which I hadn't expected to like, but it's light, quiet, inexpensive and you don't need to faff around looking for a socket. And it was quicker than I thought it would be to inflate the Safe Place (13 minutes from start to finish for the techies). I've uploaded some time lapse videos of the manual pump and the electric pump.


Where did that go? Spare parts:

When you're packing the Safe Place away, unclip one end of the straps (rather than both ends). That way the straps will always be attached to the Safe Place bed and you won't lose them.

Thats said, if you do lose anything I now have straps, valves and zipper clips on the website - all priced at £5.


Bed stock levels and pricing:

I'm now restocked with pink beds - hurrah!! But I am running low on grey (five left) and blue (three left) beds until the next shipment arrives in May.

Since Brexit the cost of shipping has doubled and the price of Safe Place Beds will increase by £20 to £270 as a result of this.

I really don't like increasing prices, but I've always said I'll price Safe Place Beds as competitively as I can, and that does mean the price will track up and down in relation to my costs. The price of the Traveller, The All-In-One and the Go Anywhere will also increase by £20.

The price increase has already been implemented on pink beds, and will be implemented on the blue / grey beds when the next shipment arrives in May. This means that the three blue and five grey beds I currently have are still available at £250.



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