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Blog #4: Has it been a year already?

Thank you. Really, really thank you. To all my customers. One of the best things about running Safe Place Beds EU is talking or messaging with parents of children with additional needs. You are all magnificent.


Over the last month I've completely refreshed my website. It's easier on the eye, and easier to find the information you need. It's also available in Dutch, French, German and Spanish. Here's a peek at the new homepage:


I've also added Clearpay to the website to give customers a greater choice of payment options


Finally, I've added Gorilla Grip washable mattress protectors to my website. They are good for up to 300 washes (I use a 40C wash and a cotton tumble dry), and have a textured backing which stops them moving around. They're available at the great price of £40 (they are £50ish on Amazon).

Absolutely finally - have a great weekend.


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