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Do you think I should start selling stationary beds???

Everyone has an opinion - and I'd like yours

I'm doing a load of work to help me decide whether to stock permanent beds like the one below, and thought to get opinions from my existing customers.

I've added a poll to this email so please help me out and click Good idea / Terrible idea as you see fit. I won't be looking at who has clicked what - I'm just after a general opinion from y'all. Thanks a million to everyone in advance

The permanent beds are designed and made by the same company that make inflatable Safe Place Beds. As they’re made in America they’ve already been through FDA registration. I’d need to put them through UK and EU testing / registration prior to selling here.


  • Price point ~ £5K

  • Handmade hardwood frame with choice of finishes

  • Enclosed on all four sides and at the top

  • Choice of fabrics

  • Memory foam mattress

  • Heavy duty fabric, zips, mesh and thread

  • Optional padding and tube ports

  • Two sizes: 142cm high x 107cm wide x 195cm long 155cm high x 137cm wide x 195cm long

Do you think I should start selling stationary beds like this?

  • Good idea

  • Terrible idea

That said, if you have opinions or comments please click the button below and let rip via email.

And finally, if you'd like a deep dive into this bed, here's the link


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