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Safe Place Beds EU 
Rest Assured 

Safe Place Beds are travel beds - just for children with additional needs

Lightweight, compact and easy to use. Simply inflate, and use the straps to attach it to a stationary bed that's at least 135cm wide

30 day returns and one year warranty

Whether it’s a weekend at grandma’s or a week at the beach, get peace of mind that your child is safe, and enjoy your holiday


Is a Safe Place Bed right for my child?

Children can start using Safe Place Beds from the age of three.


Among my customers I have children with autism, Angelman syndrome, cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome, epilepsy and broad range of chromosomal disorders


Safe Place Beds are well constructed, and are great for the kickers, rockers and bouncers. However, I don't recommend them for committed biters.

How do I set up the Safe Place Bed?

Firstly, make sure you have the right pump. Safe Place Beds are made of thicker material than a standard inflatable, so need a good quality pump to blow them up. Take a look at the Shop, for our selection of pumps.


Secondly, watch this short Youtube video, which explains how to set the Safe Place Bed up. 

Finally, we also have written instructions in CzechDutchEnglishFrenchGerman,   IcelandicNorwegianPortuguese   and  Spanish  which can be downloaded.

Can I use a Safe Place Bed on a single bed, or in a caravan?

If you use the Safe Place Bed on top of a single bed, we strongly recommend the use of a bed guard, like this


Lots of my customers go on caravan holidays! One customer sent me this photo of how they'd set the bed up by pushing two singles together, and strapping the Safe Place Bed on top. 

A safe place bed in a caravan

What she said:

"Always grateful"

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