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30 day returns and one year warranty

Safe Place Beds have a 30 day return period. If the Safe Place Bed doesn't suit your family, you can return it for refund. It needs to be clean and working, but that's about it.


You are responsible for paying shipping on returns. Once returned, we will refund you no later than seven days from receipt.

In addition, Safe Place Beds have a 365 day manufacturer's warranty. Click here for the full terms of our warranty, and the claim form.

Business information

Business name: Safe Place Beds EU

VAT number: 358965045

Business address: Willowbank, Crookfur Road, Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire G776DY, Scotland

Proprietor: Lucy Todd (sole trader)


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Terms and Conditions

Click here for the full terms and conditions of sale

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